We don’t just do beauty, we demand longevity too.

The specification for Brooklyn Tiketike is premium.  It’s very good looking with two timeless interior palettes on offer, but practicality and ease of cleaning is just as important to us. We are strict on our selection criteria for specifications, and it shows. From tiles to kitchen handles, these homes will provide a beautiful and robust background for your life. 


 Two stunning, but timeless palettes offer homeowners surety in investment value: Oak & Brass and Monochrome, both pictured above, along with a selection of architectural 3D renders (below) have been created for you to get a better understanding of these homes. 

Monochrome is one of the most classic colour combinations. Our take on it for Brooklyn Tiketike draws on warmth. It’s still a minimalist background upon which you can layer on your own personal taste: but is designed to bring softness over starkness. The Oak & Brass palette has a natural & harmonious look. The brass is beautifully paired with the organic oak elements, which is set off with the contrast of the simple white walls. This combination gives a feeling of warmth and relaxation, with the addition of artisan glazed tiles to both splashback and shower walls adding that extra luxe touch.

Rachel Austin: Interior Designer, Dwell.